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Linda Frahm, Clay Artist

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I have experimented with silversmithing, fiber arts, rock carving, glass blowing, and more, but it was a hand building with clay class at Montserrat College in Beverly, Massachusetts, that got me focused on clay. From there, I spent about 10 years as an artist in residence at a couple of studios on the North Shore in Massachusetts. Working with mostly white stoneware, I make whimsical vases, bowls, nightlights, mermaid sculptures and jewelry, but one of my favorite items is my sheep rattle.

When my hands aren’t wrapped around a ball of clay, I’m writing or editing. I have worked in publishing for more than 30 years either on staff or freelance for such magazines as Walking, Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul, Glamour, Boston Magazine’s Home & Garden, The Atlantic Monthly, Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country, and many others. These days, I enjoy working for clients in the food industry and academia.

And as I always say… There is never enough time to play with clay.